Things to think about before your photoshoot


So you've booked your photoshoot here are a few frequently asked questioned to keep in mind whilst preparing for your shoot:


  • What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my photoshoot?

Being in the UK the weather sadly is fairly unpredictable. Whilst everybody keeps there fingers and toes crossed that they have a beautiful sunny day its not the end of the world if its a bit cloudy. Having a cloudy day could actually be to your advantage as it produces a softer more flattering light. If the forecast is torrential rain we will re-schedule.


  • What happens if my horse won't stand still or is misbehaving?

No need to worry. Coming from a horsey background we completely understand that not every horse is going to stand stock still when asked. We are incredibly patient and will work within the capabilities (and attention span) of each horse.


  • How do we view our photos ? 

Your photographs will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery for you to choose your favourites and place your orders.


  • Are you insured ?

Yes we have full public liability insurance.


  • Should I ride my horse before the photoshoot ?

If your horse is prone to being lively it is a good idea to lunge or ride your horse the morning of your shoot before you bath him or her.


  • What clothing should I wear?

Ultimately this is up to you, bringing a couple of outfit changes is always a good idea ranging from horsey clothes to something a little smarter. We do of course want you to feel comfortable and relaxed so choose something that reflects your personality and own style. 


  • How should I prepare my horse for the photoshoot?

We suggest that you wash your horse on the morning of the shoot and keep them stabled (ideally with rugs and bandages) until the shoot. Make sure that you have a clean headcollar and/or bridle ideally in a neutral colour (black/brown/navy). If you would like ridden photographs make sure your tack and any boots/bandages/saddle pads are clean. 

  • Where will my photoshoot take place? 

Most photoshoots take place where you keep your horse however we are more then happy to photograph your horse at a different location of your choice such as the beach or a local woodland. You know your yard better then we do so it is always helpful if you have a think about where around your yard might provide a nice backdrop. We will of course have a look around the yard together once we arrive.